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Embroidered Christmas Gifts

Posted by Toni on 19th September and posted in Uncategorized

Everyone knows the truism that the best gift one that is made by hand. Now, at the time of factory stampings and loss of individuality, more people remember it from childhood all the familiar rule. By New Year We have offered to do the embroidery as a gift, since it handiwork is well known to women since high school. It is not necessary to embroider a huge picture of the entire wall. Look at related sites, you can easily find a New Schema embroidery.

Take two pieces of fabric and embroider on each selected plot. Now sew the embroidered pieces together, tamp the middle of cotton or a filler for soft toys Attach loop. Oplya! toy on the Christmas tree is ready! Your friends every year, it will hang on the tree, be sure you remembered. In addition to traditional cotton floss for embroidery is very good to use metallic, most diverse beads, in the course will even unusual buttons! Not Try to give the embroidery factory form, by contrast, make sure that it was immediately evident that this is a real 'hendmeyd'! Part of the work, you can instruct their kids, and if they are small enough to hold a needle, they can just to help you with the choice of subject, it is also very exciting process!

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