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Esteban Ruedlinger

Posted by Toni on 6th July and posted in Uncategorized

Control of the Noise in the Hospitals and centers of health a hospitable building without the correct and due acoustic treatment, can present/display serious problems for its inhabitants. Considered a critical construction by his multiple functions, according to the experts it is necessary to count on a specialized acoustic project, ideally that is defined in the design stage. It is necessary to avoid annoying noises. To isolate acoustic hospitable enclosures is not easy task. A series of factors is due to consider. For being constructions of high complexity and little integral acoustics since these enclosures are composed by an ample range of functional units and services deserve a specific study of noise control and vibrations.

According to the consulted experts, the ideal is to contemplate the control systems of noise from the design stage, since to rehabilitate an existing structure the investment could raise considerably and, at the same time to be very invasive, reducing the size of rooms, pavilions or corridors. In a hospitable enclosure diverse activities coexist like operations rooms of recovery, attention to public, among others. For this reason, the design of the requirements must be like allows the development of each of these activities by itself and altogether. One is due to control, among others, the reverberation in corridors and waiting rooms to avoid that the sounds that take place in these sectors, affect to sensible enclosures as well as the sound insulation between areas and the control of noise and vibrations for equipment and machineries. It is necessary to prevent the noise.

Sources of noise In these enclosures there are two types of categories of noises clearly differentiated, external and the interns. 1. External noises: They are strongest and complex to try. " The hospitals settle in areas readily accessible and, therefore near sources of ruido" , it comments Esteban Ruedlinger, acoustic engineer of IDIEM.


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