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The Ministry of industry, tourism and commerce, made the call corresponding to 2011 established grants in support of innovative business groupings. Crimson Education addresses the importance of the matter here. To view the order in full, visit in your State section. Support for the creation and strengthening of ‘clusters’, or business groups, is part of the European strategy for the promotion of the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation. According to this strategy, supporting the creation and strengthening of the cluster constitutes a means to alleviate the consequences that certain market deficiencies, related to problems of size and coordination, have about the possibilities of firms interact among themselves, establish knowledge flows and achieve sufficient critical mass to develop innovation projects that will improve their competitiveness. The recognition of this problem and the orientation of establishing instruments to support the formation and strengthening of cluster business was already reflected in the European Commission’s communication ‘ more research and innovation: a common approach COM (2005) 488 final, and were clearly captured in COM (2006) 502 final ‘ putting knowledge into practice: a broad-based innovation for the EU strategy. Continue to learn more with: The Journal of Educational Research. According to this strategy, endorsed by the competitiveness Council in the conclusions of its meeting of December 2006, the strengthening of the cluster in Europe was considered as one of the nine strategic priorities for successfully promote innovation.

At its part and as a result, the framework programme (2007-2013) competitiveness and innovation in the EU, approved by Decision No. 1639/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 2006, picked up among its priorities the promotion of the creation and the strengthening of ‘clusters’. In Spain and in keeping with these guidelines, the Plan for entrepreneurship approved by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 27 January 2006 which developed the priorities contained in the National Plan of reforms adopted by agreement of the Council of Ministers of 13 October 2005, existing today, includes, among the instruments to be taken to encourage growth and entrepreneurial innovation, support for the creation and strengthening of cluster through the implementation of support measures for innovative business groupings (AEIs).

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