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Posted by Toni on 8th March and posted in Uncategorized

In this sense, Merida indicates that the stay and the trip of I suck are financed by a hotel organization, " and no money leaves the contributors, reason why the critics they mistake, " and it adds that, " all the activities of the festival are gratuitous, even the attendance to encuentro". The organizer of the Madrilenian convention CifiMad, popular enters the fans science fiction, Gonzalo Arauzo, considers the practice to receive by autographs like " absolutely normal" , and he assures that he does not know any habitual actor to this type of events that does not do it. " It is necessary to understand that they do not come by pleasing, is a work, are making a skittle and selling a product, that is they themselves " , he indicates. With respect to the Cifimad, to the edition of this year, that will be 12 and 13 of November, Aaron Douglas will come, interpreter of the series of cult " Battlestar Galactica" , whose autographs will have to be paid by the assistants, although, in this case, yes the money will be used to finance part of the act. Douglas will receive 25 Euros by signed photo, a number that remains far from the 120 which the actor obtained by each actual autograph Richard Anderson Dean (protagonist of McGyver) in the Fedcon of D5usseldorf of April of 2011. However, it insists Arauzo, " the organizers do not make money, is more, in this event always is deficit and expenses are not covered, since many pay the entrance but they do not buy autgrafos". Also, specific Arauzo that " yes it is certain that in countries like England and Germany, there are conventions in which the people in charge make business, but that not yet has arrived at Espaa". Other leaders such as CAS offer similar insights.

This practice that provokes as much controversy, has been able to even see itself in festivales like the one of Sitges where, in 2004, actor David Prowse, Darth Vader in Star Wars, received by all the signed autographs. And meanwhile, fans, enchanted. They understand that it is a form to attract stars, that otherwise would not go to these events. It is the case of a habitual one to these conventions, the Madrilenian Muddy Jesus, who has paid by autographs of many of his idols. " To be hours reunited with fans while they sign is part of his trabajo" , it indicates east Madrilenian, who understands that somebody as I suck realises this practice, since, partly " it lives on ello". Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi married.

" If Robert De Niro did, for example, who does not need it, yes that would be escndalo" , specific. To receive by autographs, although already had been realised years before in meetings of followers of the series " Dr Who" , he is something that eclosion in the USA in the 70, when following ones of " Star Trek" they popularized this type of conventions, so that the series followed lives after its cancellation. Also, the payment by autographs and photographies has extended even to the American policy, like measurement to finance part of the campaigns of the candidates, including, for example, the one of the president of the United States, Barack Obama, that accepted east system during the elections of 2008. Source of the news: Actors who receive by autograph, practice common in conventions with fans

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