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Posted by Toni on 28th November and posted in Uncategorized

All proceeds are yours. For hire you need to make so much value to you enough to cover not only the cost of your pay (bonuses, sots.paket, etc.) and taxes, but also to make sufficient profits to owners or investors. Thus, at work, you pay only a fraction actually produced by you values. Your real salary may be several times higher, but most of this money you never get it. When you work for yourself – all your income. 3. Themselves adjust their income.

When you want to increase your income employment, you will constantly have to prove the validity of your claims. In this case you do not always get a satisfying answer you. In a system of income to you to decide and regulate when and how much You should receive. 4. Learns how to become financially independent. People tend to get a job to gain experience.

However, we all get the experience of life, regardless of whether we have a job or not. Any work only gives the experience of this work. In the beginning, you really learn a lot, but then everything goes without any changes. Because of this you tend to miss many more opportunities, more valuable and important. Ask yourself matter what kind of experience you would like to buy? Knowing how to perform some work well, trading your time for money – or the knowledge of how to achieve financial independence, while not needing more work on employee? Most likely, you choose the second option.


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