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Facial Surgery Without Visible Cuts

Posted by Toni on 13th September and posted in Uncategorized

Oblique faces and jaw deformities Ade Hofheim, November 2009. Dysgnathia (incorrect developments of the teeth, the jaw and of the Masticatory system) on almost everyone’s lips. Not only celebrities like racing driver Michael Schumacher or Alfred Biolek are affected: millions of Germans suffer from more or less pronounced jaw misalignment. This is not only aesthetically unattractive, but also functional problems. Hereby no longer must take now painfully. Meanwhile, specialists with highly innovative, minimally invasive techniques of today’s high-tech oral maxillo-facial surgery can correct every area of the jaw and facial skeleton without visible external incisions or earlier usual elaborate wiring? So gently functional problems can be with the fascinating possibilities of facial surgery to resolve and move at the same time aesthetic disharmonies in the right light. Misalignment of the jaw as if lower and upper jaw are unequally developed work not only unattractive to our counterpart, prepare health problems, such as restriction of the nasal airway, craniomandibular, headaches and back pain. If upper or lower jaw too far forward or stand back, not more perfectly fit the teeth, can cause discomfort in speaking and eating, in pronounced cases lips can be even more closed properly.

If the jaw from the series dance in principle can a jaw deformity in 3 areas this also occur in combination: the upper and/or lower jaw can be too narrow and extreme tooth Eng stands the upper and/or lower jaw can be too far forward or back mounted, terminus technicus: Prognathism or Retrognathie of the upper jaw may too high or too deep set be with State of the art 3D technology (such as with digital volume tomography, short DVT) oral and Maxillofacial surgeons can accurately plan the individual intervention and perform. Jaw gently ever straighten up demanding, but particularly gentle ways in expert hands carry individual prerequisite to the desired result. At a lower reserve, the most common jaw deformity, is separated by a small incision in the area of Weissheitszahne of the mandible, in the desired position and fixed with mini plates or screws.

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