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As it does not have a local standard for the accomplishment of the process and aiming at to minimize the impacts with displacement of the participants, the questionnaires had been answered in the proper stations of work of the collaborators. INSTRUMENTS OF COLLECTION OF DATA Questionnaire ' ' Perception of the impacts of the organizacional climate in the quality of life in trabalho' ' , with (2) open questions (14) closed, formulated from an instrument already developed and applied by bank clerks of the Bank of Brazil, during course MBA in Advanced Management business-oriented of the Bank of Brazil, carried through in partnership with the INEPAD, FGV and Federal University of the Mato Grosso. Although it does not have a carried through process of validation for the same, it was considered use as efficient and enough for the attainment of data and to supply the necessity of the presented research however. ANALYSIS OF the DATA the present research was carried through by the qualitative-quantitative method with the grouped data, of form to consolidate the results in percentile terms. The constant data of this study are preliminary and lack of deepening, through the questioning of a more significant population, even so are enough for the end the one that if destines. The qualitative questions had been estratificadas and analyzed of ample form, visa to search to oportunizar to the participants to display its knowledge to about the existence of activities and programs of QVT in its organizations.

The stratification allows, still, to make it difficult the identification of the participants and to keep the sigiloso character. In elapsing of the research, the functional picture of the agencies could be evidenced that one meets sufficiently reduced and it counts on 44% of women and 56% men. Of this total, 75% they are placed in the band would abide between 26 and 45 years, demonstrating that this sector has preference for experienced people.

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