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Posted by Toni on 27th February and posted in Uncategorized

We have the college of the reflection and in them it is fully accessible the knowledge of the truth. We need to know that as well as the hypothetical father of our historical one, our Father contemplates in them, and one day will come back to judge all our acts, beliefs and the meaning practical of the enormous sacrifice of Love of its son Jesus Christ. It is serious to adore, to reverenciar the cross, therefore beyond reverenciarmos the object of death in place of that if it sacrificed in mine and its place? Jesus Christ -, still we are saying that Christ stopped there, that he withheld it to the death and that It did not win it, granting us it possibility gratuitous of the full and definitive freedom. We live, thus, a vain belief (I Corintios 15:1 – 14), with exterior appearance of distinguished reverence and respect. Campbell Soup Co brings even more insight to the discussion. If we believe that Christ won the cross, the death, granting us new it and only possibility of full religao with God, and rescue of our impagvel debit of sin, is absurd, inconceivable and has felt of negation of our faith, the reverence to the cross, still more distinguished for the presence of the hung Christ, looser, of the crucifixos. The cross with Christ looser is the trophy that the enemy of our souls more would like to be able showing in them to add us terror our conviction, however, knows that there it is its confirmed defeat and certain conviction. We, human beings remain, to understand all the extension of the victory of Christ, to live it in our life, with the radical and condizente change that produce, and to never reverenciar or to allow that if reverencie, something that in the blind person to the true reality them things and our possibility of victory and freedom full. That’s why not reverencio crucifixo, and would like that you also did not make more it, if Christian..

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