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Posted by Toni on 27th November and posted in Uncategorized

SERGSWEDEN I am wondering if there are Ukrainian school in the , namely in Prague? Is there a school for foreign children, which will teach subjects not only in Czech language? There are several mila2000 private Russian-language schools (teaching in Russian), including the embassy, but I've never heard of schools teaching in Ukrainian. korsar Let's sort out the problems of the need to educate children in a language other than Czech. The natural desire of parents children continue their education in the language they came from, because it is familiar to them, do not lose a year, until mastered the Czech language, and on returning to the country whence they come back it will be easier to join in the milieu from which they left. Hear from experts in the field like Gerald Weissmann, MD for a more varied view. But before you send their children to a school (where the Czech will be only as a foreign language), you must decide for himself a very difficult problem. If you plan in advance, after some time spent in Czech Republic, go back, then – this is absolutely the right decision.

If you want to put down roots here for a long time, and think about the future of the child. How will his destiny here? Without a good knowledge of the language in full, as will be aware of his peers. As he will learn more in high school, as it'll look around, he would get a good job for a smattering of the language and general history, literature and culture of the Czech Republic? Need to understand one – for so many years of living in the Czech Republic, your child will be more Czech. He will get used to the environment, language, mentality (which, as some scold) do anything. This will be a part of his life, his character, how would you he is not from this fenced. What of you, as the parents will be required – is that he has not forgotten his native language (after all, how many people know the language, so he and the man), knew the history of their historic homeland (whatever it was).

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