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Geographical Education

Posted by Toni on 1st September and posted in Uncategorized

The education of Geography has enters the contents to be taught, the cartographic languages, as reading and production of simple maps that indicate the recognition of the referenciais of localization, orientation and distance; the deepening of the notion of ratio and scales and for the referenciais of localization, the points cardinals, the divisions and contours politicians of the maps, the system of colors and legends; I dare of the cartography as instrument of approach of the places and the world. The cartography corresponds to the language created for registers on the places. We cannot forget that the registers on the space appear in the drawing of children and they are in these drawings that the child shows its cartographic language and that she can be applied in classroom. When a professor asks for its pupils to draw its passage of house for school, it perceives that in these maps (drawings) that the object appears located ones in relation to the others, in lesser size, with traces that allow to say what they mean thus and, they demonstrate the elements of the maps of one alone time, as its localization, scales, projection and legend. Official site: Gerald Weissmann, MD. With this the professor takes the pupil to understand the maps without leaving for a tiring and isolated education of each one of these elements, become a more easy reading of thematic maps that has the specific objective to show to the space behavior of a subject or geographic phenomenon. Examples of thematic maps include distribution, population maps, of income, among others.

The thematic map is analytical and clarifying and is found in didactic books and Atlases, since the same ones present given on determined territories by means of a language it specifies. Thus, in place of alfabetizar the pupil with a graphical code, they confide if more easy the use and interpretation of thematic maps in the education of Geography.


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