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Posted by Toni on 11th April and posted in Uncategorized

It is no secret that legal aid these days is not cheap, and legal problems faced by all segments of the population, regardless of their financial situation. So what about those who do not have to spend on services lawyer thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of rubles? First, let's imagine a standard situation – a citizen of Ivanov was a problem and he decided to consult with a lawyer. He did not even quite sure that its solution need legal assistance, but, nevertheless, he goes to the nearest legal office. Ivanov, like most ordinary Russians feel uncomfortable in the presence of man in suit and tie (unless, of course, this is not a solemn event) and by going to the office of a lawyer, immediately asked that it hurts, rather than ask the cost of legal services. As a result, the cost of services after he learns she provided. The size of fees for legal advice may be an unpleasant surprise for Ivanov. Assume Ivanov yet entered the office and the first thing asked about the cost of services. Typically, this changes nothing, because in most cases, even if the remuneration is not satisfied with the customer, he was awkward to refuse, and he agreed to pay a sum like hell.

In the first two cases, Ivanov left the law office with no money and dissatisfied with himself, but the sum of its costs low – the average cost of counseling within 500 rubles. Ivanov was lucky – he had no grounds to sue. But what would happen if such grounds existed. Ivanov costs would increase by tens of times – the payment for making a claim for representation in court (and for each trial separately), making the appeal, cassation, supervisory review, etc. Purse Ivanov feel better for tens of thousand, and this does not guarantee him that he will achieve a solution to his problem. What is the cause of this situation? Often, any legal issue is simple and inexpensive solution.

But the economic feasibility of forcing lawyers to offer clients not just solutions, and those for which the client will pay the maximum price. And now we give a few tips to Ivanov that he was able to get good legal help and save your money at the same time. Since Ivanov (just like you, just reading this article) is a user of the Internet, the first thing is to try to get free legal advice. Now many sites offer similar services, our website no exception. And ask your question better at as many sites to be able to compare the answers. If the solution is to make any action that requires legal knowledge, for example, make a complaint, application, request, etc., such services also are available online, but on a fee basis. In the end, Ivanov received adequate counseling, but it turned out that to solve the problems still have to ask the court. How to be in this case? Contact the legal office and prepare for major expenses? Not necessarily. In most cases, in the presence of hearing there is no need. Anyone able to independently provide their own interests in court – he needs only a small briefing. Moreover, and to prepare a petition and get all the necessary instructions, without leaving home. Just log into our website -. This option will not only save a lot of money, but probresti a very rewarding experience, which will be useful in our tough times.

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