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Posted by Toni on 15th March and posted in Uncategorized

Here are 7 tips you should keep in mind for the proper functioning of your website: 1.-put your names and full name and if possible a picture yours, this allow visitors, who are trying to identify. This form of presentation is recommended because in many places they usually only sign as: equipment which is not bad, but you can create some skepticism in the visitor. 2 Indicates the place where these selling your products or services. By placing your full address, city, country and telephone. Do not place this information creates also sometimes certain mistrust or suspicion on the part of visitors. 3 Write your email contact on each of your pages or otherwise considers a section intended for questions and answers since I always have people who will need to make use of this section of your page. 4. Place photos or videos of your products, because a.

not always, people are willing to buy without first having seen. Even better if you had a trial version if necessary free for a certain time. 5 Accepts various forms of payment, either by credit card, sending money or bank transfer; in order to offer your clients the possibility of paying in the form they prefer. 6 Grants a money-back guarantee for the product you purchased, this point is very important and advisable in these cases is to give the customer a maximum period of 90 days to return the product and remborsarle his money. 7. Invites visitors to fill out a subscription to a newsletter informational and/or educational form, through which you give details of your products or only receive training through a course, which you will be in contact with them. If you want to see these 7 tips put into practice visit our website: Miguel Al Minya Borgono Quebec Canada want to learn as get started in the Internet business.


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