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Posted by Toni on 17th August and posted in Uncategorized

Probably the parents would justify these actions and would say that everything is guilt estresse of it, word that if became order of the day. One became chic to use this term exactly not knowing the meaning. UNC School of Education describes an additional similar source. This type of communication can bring some type of trauma for the child? When adult this trauma of the infancy, that if became a hurt, how much will influence? Then: What it is to speak? ' ' The sounds of ours speak result almost all of the action of certain agencies on the draft coming of the pulmes. For its production, three conditions if make necessary: ) the draft; b) an obstacle found for this draft; c) a box of resonance. These conditions are created by the agencies of speak, called, in its set, fonador device. The fonador device is constituted of the following parts: a) the pulmes, the bronchis and the trachea? respiratory agencies that supply the draft, substance cousin of the fonao; b) the larynx, where if they locate the vocal ropes, that produce sonorous the energy used in speak; c) the supralarngeas sockets (faringe, nasal mouth and fossas) that boxes of resonance function as, being that the buccal socket can vary deeply of form and volume, thanks to the movements of the active agencies, over all the language that, of so important in the fonao, if became synonymous of ' ' idioma' ' ' ' 4. This is the complexity that exists in the act of speaking.

What badly exists in speech? Then: Some does not exist badly since that it knows what it is being said. The evil alone will come when requested e, this request can be made for me, proper I, or for the others. In a hundred of times, if for all these do not come for words that are pronounced of forms Badly Said, using not only a word, therefore, ' ' A word in the solitude has one meaning particular.


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