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History of the Education

Posted by Toni on 28th October and posted in Uncategorized

THE HISTORY OF THE EDUCATION: IN the CAVES Today the Introduction the Education in the period that precedes the writing, was transmitted for the tradition. That is, the children followed the example of oldest, not following a programmed script. The children learned of course in the daily one of the adults. Through symbols and images, recorded in the rocks in forms of drawings, they were passed of a generation to another one, the experience of its ancestor. She was this the idea of education and formation. She consisted of the imitation of the adults. The learning appears of the quotidianas necessities, not being programmed. In the eastern societies, the classrooms lowest, farmers, craftsmen, etc., do not have rights politicians nor access when knowing as the ruling class.

Initially the knowledge of the writing was sufficiently restricted, possua a sacred character. It appears the pertaining to school dualism, one here destined to the people and another one to a ruling class. The great mass is excluded from the restricted school and to the informal familiar education. Classic Greece can be considered the cradle of the pedagogia. The word paidagogos means that one that the child leads, in the case the slave who folloies the child to the school. In general, the education Greek is centered in the integral formation? body and spirit. Initially, still without the writing, the education is given by the proper family, in accordance with the religious tradition. Later they only start to appear the first schools, for the popular masses. In the antiquity Roman, in a generalized manner, we can distinguish three phases in the education: the original Latin, of patriarcal nature; later, the influence of the helenismo is criticized by the defenders of the tradition; finally, of – the fusing between the culture Roman and hellenistic, that already she assumes elements you guide, but the clear supremacy of the Greek values.


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