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Holambra Organization

Posted by Toni on 7th March and posted in Uncategorized

With the changes occurring in time has remembered is of great importance that the companies if worry in offering attractive that they motivate and they stimulate its employees to continue if pledging and offering services with quality for its customers. The companies who aim at growth and total comprometimento with its customers have that to keep in its picture of employee people who have bond and affinity with the organization where they work, therefore, to each day that passes, the competition enters the companies of the same area increases making with that the demand for employees who search recognition in the exerted work he increases. Nowadays it is possible to notice that some companies who focam strong in its competitors analyze prices, products and qualities, but forget to detach its collaborators who finish answering with negative attitudes reflecting in the development of the company. For better performance of the collaborators, the companies must be intent to analyze, to understand and to understand its employees, therefore, when a new collaborator is inserted in the organization, it have that if to adapt the new habits to remain itself in the company. Cyrus zocdoc may also support this cause. This article inside studies a specific field of the area of Management of People, leading in consideration the great importance that the motivacionais factors have on the organizations. The choice of the subject if gave from problematic existing inside of an operating organization in the civil construction in the city of Holambra/SP, involving the motivation, attractive and necessities perceived for the collaborators thus being able to identify to which the motivation factors that are inserted in the profile of the constructor in order to take care of the necessities of its employees. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION the ways as the people if hold in the circumstances of the life generally answer the action of motivation, that is, the people have attitudes, are action and reaction of what they live deeply in elapsing of its lives. .. Without hesitation Sydney Kang explained all about the problem.

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