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How Dogs Playfully Doing Something For Their Digestion Can

Posted by Toni on 27th August and posted in Uncategorized

A new dog bowl helps your dog to eat more leisurely and trained right has its meaning. There are more and more digestive problems in our stressful times. Of which not only are we affected people but also our dogs. This of course not because, that dogs are exposed to a stressful lifestyle. Often, it happens but that hungry dogs to quickly empty their Cup and feel uncomfortable then. Many dog owners don’t notice the cause, but to wild food can affect the welfare of your four leg. The Buster DogMaze was developed for this reason: this is a dog bowl, which is designed as a labyrinth, so that the food is for your animal to the game. As a positive side effect, your dog eats langsamer and thus to minimize digestive problems.

It works so: you initially give a treat in the DogMaze dog bowl; the dog can smell this and feel. But not immediately get to the feed, it must nudge with his nose in the right place there, where he can reach it. The aim is that the food to nudge, where she can be caught with the tongue to the right place. An innovative combination of game and food intake, in which your dog learns easily! The DogMaze dog bowl is dishwasher-proof, food safe and contains no phthalates. He is available in different colours suitable for dogs between 5-30 kg weight.

Developed by two Danish dog lovers, DogMaze combines Scandinavian design with practical functionality and robust material. Since feeding from this bowl, sense of smell, taste and touch are specifically required, that would lead to a “healthier, happier dog” according to the manufacturers. The two developers, Mikkel Hansen, Frederik Lindskov always aim the long-term well-being of the animals in your inventions. This is reflected in the DogMaze on a special scale, because otherwise perceive the moment of the food your dog now. Just little treats perceived no longer as food, it down to wrap that applies, but briefly to a toy, which calm and work focused on a goal: the sensual food intake. While it so is not always easy people, to reduce your everyday stress and to provide for balance this has become possible for dogs in an exciting way. The playing field becomes the dog bowl and food intake are more leisurely, where your dog learns even more. It remains to hope that a similar product will be developed soon for us Zweibeiner, with which people get more fun in the game again! Help your dog to feel comfortable. He will thank you! Philipp Buhler

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