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Posted by Toni on 11th April and posted in Uncategorized

This intolerncia to the difference is fomented by the society that induces the people to inside characterize the things and the individuals of standardized normality for it, being many times, pautada for the lack of information. Still referenciada in the above-mentioned research, we can perceive that the resistance of the family in accepting the difference is very great, this if it bases on the reaction of the familiar ones when knowing of the deficiency of the child in which 73% do not accept immediately, 2% reject and only 25% say to have it accepted when they had received the notice. UNC Media Hub has much to offer in this field. Many times, this ' ' not-acceptance imediata' ' , this process of ' ' luto' ' lived for the family who can pass soon or last years, she goes creating impediments that if aggravate in the time where this child is white of rejection, thus not having psychic, cognitivos, affective supports she allows that them to develop of course. Impediments, these, that can be aggravated when this child leaves the familiar space and starts to coexist new groups, to the times, still more intolerantes. Still in this exactly survey, affirms the researcher Terezinha Moreira Rasp, one of the authors, who 62% of the children with deficiency already had suffered some type of discrimination in different situations, also in the school. Additional information is available at Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation. He has parents that they do not accept that its children if relate with deficient pupils and find that when these are ranks in the regular school, lower the education level.

He also has many parents who still find that it is illness. This behavior of intolerncia of the parents is passed to the children having caused preconception and rejection attitudes. In the truth, the lack of knowledge on the subject is that it has generated this intolerncia, therefore many is unaware of that all earn with these interactions. How much to the school, the paper fits to fight this preconception, leading information and clarifications.


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