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Posted by Toni on 16th March and posted in Uncategorized

Every relationship is a process that is gradually turning in a loving relationship and a link that binds us to that person with which we are committed. Every relationship involves a project that we share in common, but that we do not alter our personality to do this. By this I mean that we are subject to disclaimers and elect, Yes is that we decided to live as a couple. The life partner has become a battle field. Men and women feel desolate because do not get along well with the couple, because they do not resolve their dispute either because they cannot find couple. Today societies and men who comprise them have changed the way they appreciate life as a couple. The women, some of them, are not dipuestas to a life subjected to pressures only home. Others, however, are in agreement in their family role, and incidentally, played very well.

However, to the extent that life has become more personalist, is more complex relationships of intimacy, commitment and delivery, at the same time that no feel wounded and abandoned by the couple. We are being educated to only see by us, which encourages the pathological narcissism in a scandalous manner. Solidarity, the instinct of community as says Adler or the sense of service, in the vast majority of people, is losing, and this, and this is an important factor in the conflicts of couple. At the same time that extended families are bound in power, the economic factor, economic pressures, relationships. And yet, within the internal factors: commitment, waiver, the ability to lead a life in common. Establish good communication, respect and life that you want to build using a life project. Human beings are immersed in a society, and first and foremost, we are social beings. The relationship is one of those places in which is inserted the pleasure, joy, desire, be significant to another, the motivation, and for many, their sense of life.

But if every one who has your computer, their money, their motivations and we cannot put them to the service of our relationship, then we will continue seeing the transformation of the life partner of radical way, where nobody gives, nobody is able to establish a strong and solidary link. It seems that we are more to the defence of our personal interests than of life in common, in a part on the couple, but if obserrvamos more detail we can understand that it is also many places of our life in society. At Cecreto we work to improve the quality of emotional life. And our electronic material: how to regain the trust in love, is now available at this address, if you want you can find here. Thanks for all the comments I receive on a daily basis.

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