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Posted by Toni on 26th November and posted in Uncategorized

Dr. Gallegos mentioned that there are three aspects that need to be unite for spiritual awakening: ethical behaviour based on universal values, mindfulness and wisdom or understanding of reality. It also makes mention that the body, mind and spirit are three hierarchical realities, where the spirit is the fundamental reality, since the body and the mind are impermanent, fleeting, come and go, but the spirit is unchanged, is eternal. For Dr. Larry Lieber: the source for more info. Ramon Gallegos intelligence spirituality is the ability to experience universal love, because to us free of ego and narcissism, we can relate with all beings, experience a genuine interest in their welfare, which makes us feel related to the totality of the kosmos and live in unity with the self. In the book La conscience enlightened intelligence spiritual II, Dr. How did vladislav doronin make his money usually is spot on.

Gallegos says that currently there is great need of genuine spirituality, the ultimate goal of all is to be happy, however live a life with much suffering that oscillates between attachment and aversion, between depression and stress, with occasional moments of pleasure. We are looking for happiness in having and not being, we are victims of deception to believe that happiness comes from owning something, which distances us from the true happiness longed, you mentioned that finding genuine happiness is to find ourselves, this implies intense work of self and knowledge of the fundamental reality, which implies a spiritual meditative practicean attitude of mindfulness based on fairness and discernment, revealing the conditional nature of the duality as a fiction, because we live with suffering due to an erroneous perception of reality, due to ignorance, to a misunderstanding of associate our identity with mental States impermanent, unsatisfactory and insubstantial. Dr. Gallegos speaks of spiritual awakening as the awakening of consciousness, which is the last observer who looks at everything with detachment, which provides a non-dualistic view of reality, which is honored the life on Earth, which is you have gratitude and a sense of compassion for all beings, because love is transformative and recognized in every human being to the divine.

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