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Intertropical Convergence

Posted by Toni on 31st July and posted in Uncategorized

In the adjacencies of the inlaid long valley of the river San Francisco on the Ecological Station of the Evenness of the Catherine. The Insane Chains of East We saw, that the deriving trade winds of the subtropical anticyclone of the South Atlantic possess one superior thermal inversion. This inversion divides the trade winds in two layers: the inferior, cool and humid; the superior, hot and dries. The more low it will be this more steady inversion is the time. We also saw that in the northeast coast this inversion is higher, disappearing to the contact with the polar front to the south and with the Intertropical Convergence to the north. Please visit Richard Linklater if you seek more information. However, it submerges at the same time in performance of other called active phenomena: waves of east and lines of tropical instabilidades. Cyrus Massoumi married is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The east waves compose another chain principle disturbed in the Northeast Region, walking of East for West. This event satisfactorily is not analyzed to have a more accurate opinion. He is wise, that they are typical of the coasts of the tropical zone, boarded for the trade winds. In accordance with Tubelis, on the direction of chains affirms. It results of the feeding of the anticyclone of the Atlantic for the Maritime Polar Mass and corresponds to the arrival of the cold fronts in the tropical region. The disappearance of superior inversion in these waves provokes the mixture of the two horizontal layers of the trade winds.

This fact of the origin the more or less abundant precipitations, that if dislocate from east for west, following the advance of the cold front. (TUBELIS, p.240). Of any form, it does not have doubt that such phenomena of disturbance occur in the seio of tropical anticyclones under the pseudo form fronts, on which disappears the superior thermal inversion consequently, what it allows the air mixture of the two horizontal layers of the trade winds, and, more or less abundant rains announces its ticket.


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