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Irish High School

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The education system in Ireland is considered one of the best in Europe and is recognized by the MEC and therefore the recognition of studies is no problem. If this is combined with the character of the Irishmen like ours and proximity (there are plenty of flights and last just over two hours), Ireland becomes the ideal destination for ESO and Bachillerato study in Ireland. Students can choose to boarding or day schools as mixed or girls only or boys, private or public, religious or secular. At the end of this course is validated by. All schools have an excellent school program, with which the student is able to encourage the practice of language at a time that serves as entertainment (sports, drama, musicaa .) At school there is a tutor help you with everything you need.

In addition, our local coordinator maintains close contact with students and will always be available. a l will also oversee your school integration and performance. Staying in an Irish family, Irish families are very hospitable and are very used to getting students into their homes. DATES September to June. You can make 1, 2 or 3 quarters. Validation The education system is recognized by the MEC. In the following table we present the equivalence between the Spanish education system and the Irish. 1U ESO – 1st year (Junior Cycle) ESO 2U – 2U years (Junior Cycle) 3U ESO – 3rd year (Junior Cycle) Junior Certificate ESO 4U – 4U years (Transition) / 5U year (Senior Cycle) 1U High School – 5U year / 6U year (Senior Cycle) 2U High School – 6U year (Senior Cycle) Leaving Certificate

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