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Posted by Toni on 13th October and posted in Uncategorized

Instantly apply online with the Leipzig JOB MIXER candidate site, 01.10.2008 – young, dynamic and “theoretically follows now successfully”. But virtually fails on the possibilities of success. School and university graduates often get the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. But what is it? You are a few among many, and lost in the crowd of applicants. “A remedy here the Leipziger AUDITO GmbH, which the applicant portal with focus online application” has positioned on the market. Recently, it shines in a new design and enhanced features. will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

“According to the motto Explorer post help out, click is in!” which IN AUDITO GmbH developed a portal that brings the topic of online application in focus and fulfil the desire for appealing but above all contemporary and electronic application forms. Darcy Stacom often says this. Thus, the company picks up the trend of digital application forms on the labour market. A new feature is the free candidate website. It presents all application-relevant data and documents, digital and the formal requirements on your own website. It is very easy to create: creating a curriculum vitae, upload certificates, choose letter template, select finished design and desired domain. The advantages are obvious: in addition to much time, the applicants also save postage and shipping costs. In addition they respond quickly on jobs: the link to the site is emailed directly to the employer of choice versendbar any number of times and all over the world. Journal of Research in Science Teaching might disagree with that approach.

In addition, the site as an offline presentation on CD can be burned ideal for initial contact on job fairs. And: the applicant does not fall in the grey uniformity, but stands out as a splash of color. Fishing point is the individual career orientation of applicants, covered in their own profile. The creation of profile opens the user, aside from creating its own candidate website, many more possibilities. As appropriate abroad become him internships, for example, his profile WerkstudentInnentatigketien, entry level positions shown. It has set itself this AUDITO GmbH aims, precisely match candidates with regional companies. The opportunity should be offered young and skilled workers to stay in the region and to strengthen them. In addition, offers its users interesting facts related to the subject application and career”, an informative and current blog, career news from industries, everyday work and region, job fairs or trainee – and College events in the events calendar, meaningful corporate and College profiles and application tips. In addition, various additional services claim can be taken, such as the professional preparation of application documents and the digitization of documents for online applications.

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