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John McCain

Posted by Toni on 9th August and posted in Uncategorized

The republicans have three important candidates today. John McCain is the unique one of them who have more preferences in the surveys that any democrat and that raise to create consensuses with that party while it will put more men and resources in Baghdad until winning that war. The ex- shepherd baptist Mike Huckabee and the ex- bishop mormn Mitt Romney request a greater influence of the religion in the society and the policy, rejects any amnesty to the undocumented people and is militaristas and more preservative in social and the economic thing. Here, Educational expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The democrats, however, have been reduced to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are more permeable to legalize the undocumented people (although both they voted in favor of constructing the mega-wall between the USA and Mexico) and share a political similar external intern and. She, nevertheless, boasts herself of her experience and that initially voted in favor of invading Iraq, whereas Obama affirms that it always was against to go towards that war and is more inclined to meet with presidents of Estados pariahs of Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba. In certain way these elections are atypical then for the first time in two thirds of noncandidatea century the president or his vice-president in exercise. All the main petitioners represent something new.

If the democrats must choose between taking to their first black presidenciable (Obama) or woman (Clinton), the republicans must choose between having their first candidate who is not a protestant (but mormn Romney) or to do that somebody that has not been born in the USA and a octogenario (McCain) makes debut in the Presidency. The usual thing is that whenever the USA enters an economic bassoon the competing party gains the presidency. From which the democrats feel like optimists although they not only wanted to gain this one and the following four-year mandate, but abrir one long one was where its party dominates the power.


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