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Jorge Alberto Magallanes

Posted by Toni on 1st March and posted in Uncategorized

Your friends may not thing understand or laugh at you behind a dream on the internet, but take into account that if this is really something that you enjoy succeeded in obtaining income that will enable you to live very comfortably and doing what you like while your friends probably have to meet a specific schedule for a salary fixed for the rest of their lives. At the beginning there are decisions which are key but to take them first you must answer yourself a series of questions such as: what they really I like to do?, what are my hobbies?, in that we think when we have time free, of how we like to spend our free time? Once answered these questions will surely find how to start to organize themselves to create something online, there are many resources and most are free so the investment of money will be very few dollars, that Yes as I comment at the beginning of this article you will need to spend time, time and time. Once again if you really love him you love will find the way of advance in this world and the benefits do not take long to appear. Here’s one of the best quotes from Jim Rohn: income almost never exceeds the personal development. What you get depends directly on what you have become. The great challenge is to become everything that is capable of being. It is amazing what is transforms the spirit when the human potential is developed to the maximum, and one stretching to the limit. Woe to the man who inherited a million dollars and is not a millionaire.

Here’s what would be painful: If grow your income, and you do not. To attract attractive people, you have to be attractive. To attract the powerful, you have to be powerful. To attract the committed, should strive. Instead of trying to transform others, attempt to transform yourself. If you transform, you can attract. The most important question that must be done on the job is not what I’m getting? The most important question you need to do at work is what I am becoming me? It is difficult to retain the that has not been achieved through personal development.

After that he becomes a millionaire, can you give all your money, because what is important is not $ 1 million. The important thing is the person that you have become during the process of becoming a millionaire. A big Hello. Jorge Alberto Magallanes.

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