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Posted by Toni on 18th September and posted in Uncategorized

For this, not to neglect in the education none of the potentialities of each individual: memory, reasoning, aesthetic direction, physical capacities, aptitude to communicate itself. It is convenient to stand out that the dedicated volumes to the introduction of the Curricular Parameters National PCNs (1997, P. 15-16), pedagogical instruments of the government that guide the curricular structures of the Brazilian schools, also presented for the minister Pablo Renato Sousa, recommend in complete the four pillars of the education for century XXI. Further details can be found at Julia Brennan, an internet resource. However, they do not cite Jacques Delors: Documents of international agencies present reflections on the education and make a prospectiva analysis where they detach some aspects. Beyond the analysis of the world-wide conjuncture, the documents also present the following recommendations (…) So that the EJA can make sensible the diligent pupils, would be then necessary, a revision of the excellent points who structuralize the education of this modality and also of the excellent points that structuralize its commitments as diligent. This revision, would not be necessarily in the changes of rules of the laws, even because LDB 9394 was not structuralized to serve to the worker as well as the Consolidation of Leis Trabalhistas (CLT) was not structuralized stops to serve the student. You may find that Fine Arts can contribute to your knowledge. They are two laws with definite characteristics to its proper white public, but that if they reveal in the life of the diligent pupil, most of the time, one intervening with the performance of the other e, is on this interference, who the revision must be accomplished, from new practical a pedagogical one that is capable to insert the diligent pupils in truily worthy conditions in this century. To believe the four pillars of the education for century XXI is to define critically a philosophical conception of education for the diligent pupils, that even so if presents as a challenge on account of the multiple difficulties social politics and still thus, is a starting point for ampler education to these pupils. .


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