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Learning To Tweet

Posted by Toni on 8th January and posted in Uncategorized

Tweet properly allows you to gain reputation and followers, if your tweets are persuasive will manage your followers to visit your links. Then, what is the right way?. Quality and quantity in terms of quantity, there is no single answer, do many tweets?. Twitter allows you to enter up to 50 messages per day. If we consider 10 hours a day connected they would be 5 tweets per hour, or one every 12 minutes.

So much information perhaps saturate our supporters. A reasonable number would be 10 tweets per day, with an hour between each. It is important to take precautions to enforce this regularity by which I suggest you use any application that allows schedule your tweets. I recommend use, since simply register to access free to schedule tweets. In general your tweets should be a natural extension of your blog. How much does ron daniels makes opinions are not widely known. Configure your feed so that the titles of the articles in your blog are automatically published on your Twitter account. This way when you write in your blog You will have to worry about include attractive headlines that later transformed into tweets.

Regarding the quality of your tweets, in principle you should plan very well as they will be distributed. A good combination of your daily tweets would be: A tweet posted automatically from your blog or feed. Yael Bar Zohar describes an additional similar source. Two tweets with your own opinions about some daily contingency. Two tweets related to your niche. These tweets aims to reinforce the idea that you are a real person trying to deliver tweets of value to your followers. A tweet should be used to generate communication with your followers, through some @mensaje or retwitteo. Another tweet should be used to entertain your followers with some humor. Funny tweets related to your niche can help in greatly to generate a favorable relationship with your followers. You have left 3 tweets, those which you must promote your home page or your links for affiliate.

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