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Leopard Swarovski

Posted by Toni on 28th May and posted in Uncategorized

Yes, it is true that there are design iPhone cases available. However, there are too many options of iPhone covers and people normally confused in which of these to buy? Here are the best options for the famous designers iPhone covers. The Apple iPhone is one of the best-selling phones on the market and remains the world leader, even after 4 years of its launch. It is very obvious that even the fashion conscious people also used the iPhone. So the concept of the iPhone’s design covers doesn’t sound too weird. There are more than 50 million iPhones sold to date and there are hundreds of iPhone cases that have been created to make your iPhone very elegant. The best design iPhone covers do have money to spend on design iPhone covers? If so, there are many covers iPhone from great designers that cost more than $50,000.

If you are willing to pay some extra money to protect your iPhone with style, here are the best covers iPhone on the market. IPhone covers Swarovski GnG (Golden Delicious) founded iPhone these are the world most extravagant iPhone covers. They have taken more than 12 months to develop. The cover has a sublayer of 1 mm that is made with 18 ct gold. It also has a carbon fiber and approximately 200 diamond inlay. The outer frame of the box can present more than 200 diamonds that you can customize. The cover is more expensive than the phone and costs more than $100,000.

Louis Vuitton iPhone case one of the sleeves for iPhone in the world’s most famous fashion, Louis Vuitton. This brand offers some of the most beautiful iPhone covers with your logo and design. These best accessories for the iPhone comes in Monogram Canvas, Taiga, Epi leather and alligator leather. Orbino Strada Lujo iPhone sleeve with detail handmade and strong design, the Orbino luxury Strada iPhone Holster is made from the best Italian leather. Orbino luxury Strada covers iPhone come with a screen protector. However, I must warn that this sleeve is made of ostrich and crocodile skins. Diamante case iPhone If you think that the purchase of a Holster iPhone that costs $20,000 and is super cool, this sleeve for iPhone design is for you. This case has 42 VVS1 diamonds. SOFTBANK BB Samurai founded iPhone Softbank BB is known for a traditional appeal Japanese to your iPhone. It launched a great collection of 5 iPhone covers, which are connected to ancient Japanese samurai and its history. Each of these five designs of iPhone covers come with a different fabric bag. The cost of these design iPhone accessories start at $1,000. Swarovski Wildcat is one of covers most famous iPhone whose wreck starts from $300. The cover has arranged in a pattern of Leopard Swarovski crystals and does not think that the soft material mean less protection.

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