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Lesson Of House For Adults

Posted by Toni on 25th May and posted in Uncategorized

A thing fascinates that me in the cinema is that, in all the livened up films or drawings, have a premise that binds our reality with what is presented in the screen. I was thinking very about this, later that the pregao in the church which I frequent, had much to see with the film ' ' The fabuloso destination of Amelie Poulain' '. Film that I classify as one of the best ones that already I attended in my life. It makes in them to reflect on small things that we make, and that they possess unimaginable unfoldings. For some times we make things that we think to be insignificant, however do not have idea of the dimension of what this will mean for another person.

For being an idealistic person, I am very aflito with the egocentrismo of the society. They complain of the violence, but the only attitude is to surround the house with electric nets and to armor its cars. They complain of the public transport, but they protest breaking collective and trains. They complain of the education, but inside of house they do not teach citizenship to its children. They complain of the country, being that they themselves are the country.

For times I have will of to practise radical and extreme acts. As it happened per these days, when I sighted a citizen of an automobile playing one garrafinha of water in the way of the avenue. My will was to give reverse speed, to catch garrafinha and to inside play it of the automobile of the citizen. But I was imagining in the unfolding that this could have. With certainty it would not go to ask for excuses and to take the bottle to play in a lixeira. The most likely one was me to threaten with a pistol or another violent attitude. Then I am thinking where world this citizen lives. With as many campaigns on recycling and not to play garbage in the streets, this citizen did not have doubts to get rid itself of the garbage in full saw public. It must be plus one of that they complain when the waters of rain invade the house, playing all the guilt in the city hall that not clean the culverts. The politicians inside do not have guilt of this lack of ethics and citizenship. They are not in the free power for and spontaneous will to govern. The only necessary thing is to stop to believe that to only construct schools, hospitals, centers of health and others basic services, will be the solutions of all the evil. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Greg Williamson and gain more knowledge.. It does not advance to construct innumerable hospitals if the problem of the basic sanitation is not solved. They will go to continue full. The people leave the hospital and come back toward its houses to the side of streams and sewers the opened sky, coexisting garbage, rats and cockroachs. Accurately therefore that they practically do not construct more public hospitals in noble quarters. Why little if she speaks in basic sanitation, I I do not know. Perhaps for being something that of the few votes. Before charging of the authorities steps for our problems, we go to charge we ourselves. We go to take serious that principle that says: ' ' If each one to sweep its sidewalk, all the street will be clean in the end of dia.' '

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