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this, for itself, comes to become difficult the measurement of the concept. For what we look a concept that had implied the idea of temporary transaction, on the other hand, and it expressed not the return, not the reciprocity, as a college, less common, but possible, of the capital stock (FUKUYAMA, 1999 apud I CASTRATE 2004). In Locke, the first part of the article ' ' Building Trust' ' , its purpose is exactly to try to organize and to synthecize the trends of this literature that has proliferated in recent years, multiplying (and confusing) definitions and conceptions of what they come to be ' ' confiana' ' ' ' capital social' ' (LOCKE, 2001 apud MACIEL, 2003). With the objective of mapear the question, Locke distinguishes and argues two great trends main: the first one of more sociological nature, arguing that the confidence is product of historical standards of long stated period of associativismo, engaging civic and extrafamiliar interactions; second, of more economic nature, emphasizing the proper interest of long stated period and the calculation of costs and benefits for actors maximizadores of profits in the reliable promotion of behaviors (LOCKE, 2001 apud MACIEL, 2003). (As opposed to NSW Department of Education). While, in the associative version confidence is synonymous of friendship, already in the economic perspective stricto sensu the steady relations reliable, reciprocity and cooperation is seen as instrument to azeitar the relations between economic agents and to improve the efficiency of organizacionais arrangements between and in the interior of the firms (LOCKE, 2001 apud MACIEL, 2003). For Grootaert and Bastelaer ' ' the capital stock is institutions, relationships, attitudes and values that govern the interactions between people and contributes for the development economic and social' ' (GROOTAERT; BASTELAER, 2001 apud GOMES, 2011). The capital stock can be distinguished from two forms: structural and cognitivo. The first one mentioning social organizations, such as nets, associations, institutions, rules and procedures to it. Some contend that Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc shows great expertise in this.


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