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Yes, they’re still the College with classical classroom, in which lectures and written with. Yes, they’re still the College with classical classroom, in which lectures and written with. But the question arises: “it is a discontinued model?”. For good reason: You is not efficient enough, not sufficiently flexible for operators and students hard to pay. The College is therefore by leaps and bounds it to reinvent itself. She is from networked multimedia research, teaching and learning environments, servers and lawns with laptop consist, in short: from a completely different infrastructure.

With her large opportunities, she delivers but also huge challenges first of all concerning those who plan such future projects, control their development and realize. As engineering company for audiovisual communication solutions, the Stuttgart-based company macom has the driving technologies of the usage and application fields set at a glance. Macom is consistently customer-oriented, rated critically for complex systems of the respective benefits of arranging, sorting out the accompanying risks. It thinks macom also to the operators of the universities of tomorrow. “” Interactive Auditorium”, virtual working groups”and Mobile Campus”: based on these tags can be exemplarily illustrated how downright dramatic converts the traditional college. In the interactive classroom students are connected digitally with the lecturers, lectures and presentations live to display of their notebook computers or Tablet PCs to receive, to obtain additional information about the Internet, to archive the content electronically to call them at any time and to check their level of knowledge with question and answer.

Intended to end and long since realized additional video conferences allow direct eye contact and the transmission of gestures and facial expressions. In virtual working groups, in turn, the various resources bundle related technology based on: E.g. by activation of external specialists, international Also realize courses, with the formation of interdisciplinary project groups virtually is everything that is desirable and necessary. Anyone who is authorized anytime, anywhere, with access to everything: this dimension is fully realized In the mobile campus. Admitted, still not in perfection, but long the ivory towers of science behind letting arrived in reality. Macom GmbH is on the market since 1995 and has become the leading company in the field of holistic AV design and AV consulting in Germany as a neutral, independent AV-consulting and engineering company. Together with our customers, macom-specific solutions created to measure. Macom known market leader and top 100 companies of various industries is one of its customers.

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