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Morocco, as the King in its previous speech had confirmed for Its Majesty, pointing out that ' ' the success of any strategy of development depends on the Arab respect for the unit of the States and its national constants, for the reinforcement of the confidence and the removal of barriers ahead of the movement organized of people, goods and services between the Arab countries. It is, in fact, to prevent the stigma and to exceed all the types of artificial barriers (OE) ' '. For the Sovereign, ' ' this goal cannot be reached through the adoption of a good collective, proper Arab governao to eliminate the existing disparidades and the implementation of a model of sustainable and solidary human development, allowing to speed up the accomplishment of the Objectivos de Desenvolvimento of Milnio (ODM) and to face the perigos that threaten our natural environment. ' ' For this end, Morocco are pledged in defending the vital Arab causes, supporting the people Palestinian brother in its fight that aims at the establishment of an independent and sovereign State and where Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital. A related site: barrett beauden mentions similar findings. To this respect, the Sovereign, who presides over the Committee of Al-Quds, reiterated its determination in general continuing the implementation of projects of development for the benefit of Maqdesi and the Palestinians, that they fight for recognition of the hostile practical resistance and conviction of and the unacceptable one of the State of Israel. The ambition of the Kingdom is to contribute geopolitically for the promotion of the region of the Mediterranean for a coherent and viable space involving a real dinmica and strategical afro-European based on the common interests and challenges. The decision to trust to Morocco Secretariat-Generality of the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM) reflects in clear way the paper it Kingdom in the Mediterranean space, disclosing to the relevance of its politics for the development of the Euro – Med. .

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