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Training as a success factor for companies include executives from all possible sectors, which occupy different roles and positions in their respective companies, to the main target group of seminars and post-graduate courses of the SGMI management Institut St. Gallen. Here you will find various management issues of the appropriate training seminar that supports you in the profession is to make informed and reasoned decisions and to use strategies that have proven themselves. In addition, the SGMI offers you a network in which you personally as well as through social media can interact with other managers. General management programs and functional seminars offering a seminar of the SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen are experienced executives as well as Junior Manager addressed. People such as Richard Linklater would likely agree.

A wide range of content covers all requests that come in everyday working life on these target groups. In addition, there are more possibilities of further education at the SGMI. So help on the one hand company-specific programmes here, to promote the development of our employees and thus to increase the success of all businesses, while on the other hand individual executives about master and diploma degrees can complete individual programmes with appropriate qualification. General management for executives and talent regardless of whether you already have leadership responsibility or whether you only seek a position in the future we find the customized offers, for your continuing education. So we focus in the area of general management not only at the head of large areas or throughout the company, but contact us also to talented young executives. Possible applications range from the General management course to prepare new leadership. We provide a number of other skills, the quality of executives leadership and development of the personality as well as the latest findings from the classical management theory to increase.

Finally, leadership characterized by many different factors. Learn what to include and to put them in your everyday life as you, program or continuing education programs in seminars such as the executive leadership personal leadership, negotiation, or rhetoric. From strategy to marketing to the finance if you are looking for the appropriate strategies, with which you can operate successfully on the market, we can give you sure some valuable suggestions in this important area. Among other things we offer training competition strategies, as well as to the strategic brand management. In addition, we organise seminars in the fields of finance and controlling, in which get to know, for example, the most important indicators, which can be used to measure the success of any strategy. More information: SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen: program offer training seminar contact: SGMI management Institut St.Gallen G.

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