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Measuring The Body Temperature

Posted by Toni on 2nd March and posted in Uncategorized

From physics textbook, we know that at present time there are three main temperature scales: Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit. The first is used in thermodynamics, the second has been applied in everyday life, and the third most spread to England and, in particular in the U.S.. But not so long ago there was widespread and the fourth temperature scale, which bore the name of its inventor, Rene Antoine Reaumur, and has been used in Europe, especially in France, until the mid-twentieth veka.Antuan Reaumur, Rene Antoine de Reaumur Fersho – French naturalist. Born in La Rochelle in the family of a notary on Feb. 28, 1683 was educated at the Jesuit school in Poitiers. Studied law and mathematics at the University of Bourges.

In 1703, he continued to study mathematics and physics in Paris. After Rene in 1708 published his first three works in the field of mathematics, he was admitted to the Paris Academy of Sciences. Research Reaumur works are quite diverse. He studied mathematics, chemical engineering, botany, physics and zoology. But in the last two things he has succeeded more so, his main works were devoted to this temam.Izobretenie thermometer in 1730 first described by Reaumur he invented an alcohol thermometer. Read more here: Katarzyna Chawarska. What prompted the French scientist to study a new direction in his work – thermometer? At that time, already had set of instruments for measuring temperature. There thermoscope Galileo thermometers Florentine academicians and thermometric Fahrenheit.

There was a scale of St. Petersburg academician Jean Delisle, where the reference point was chosen as the boiling point of water. Why expend energy needed for the invention of a new appliance? It turns out that Reaumur, at that time, actively conducted research, touching the steel industry. For In order to obtain different modifications of iron were needed varying degrees of heating, which also had as a match. To solve this problem should first clarify the question of measuring, comparing to defined and reproducible procedure even small degrees of hot or cold body. Existing, while the temperature scale, while meeting the majority of their tasks, but had a number of unfinished items, mainly related to the choice of reference points. For example, a temperature of zero Fahrenheit assumed temperature of the cooling mixture, and for 100 degrees – the temperature of the human body. Perhaps this vagueness of the choice of reference points, as well as the imperfection of structures existing at the time of thermometers, and pushed Reaumur, eventually, to the creation of a new device. Cyrus zocdoc is open to suggestions. Thermometer manufacturer was started with the fact that Reaumur took a thin glass tube and soldered it to the round flask. Further, he completed this design a wine with alcohol, cleared of water and dissolved gases. Reaumur end of the tube plugged with putty on the basis of turpentine. After this He put his thermometer into the water and made it an artificial freeze obkladyvaya vessel with ice and hiding it for insulation cloth. When water freezes, he noted the level of alcohol in a glass tube and made subsequent heating of water, which was bulb thermometer. Such actions, he produced more than once in order to accurately determine the level of water freezing and verify the constancy of the expansion of alcohol.

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