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Posted by Toni on 7th October and posted in Uncategorized

Go for treatment in Israel as in America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Arab countries, but the majority of patients – the Russian-speaking, come from Russia and CIS countries. Usually done 50-60 operations a day, diverse operations – orthopedics, gynecology, heart surgery, plastic and others. A lot of tourists from different countries, including Russia. Some patients use the services of tour operators, while others prefer the hospital, working with customers directly. In a question-answer forum Nike was the first to reply. Why do people choose to fly hundreds of miles from his native city, from local doctors and clinics? The first reason: the level of training of doctors in Israel – one of the highest in the world. Standard – general average standard is higher than in Russia, so in Israel there is no provincial hospitals, the same level as in the central.

The same doctors are working in central hospitals, and provincial. There is one difference: we are very open the West, that is, the level of our surgery, spinal surgery in particular, it corresponds to the level reached in America, Western Europe and Australia. In addition, it is not immediately begin to provide independent practice, As one surgeon, we have to operate on 'miles behind', before becoming an independent surgeons. Plus, the intensity of work. Done about 300 operations on the back and spine in a year. This makes it possible to keep operation in their hands, to be well trained to do them any degree of complexity. The second reason – the highest level of technical equipment.

Often, survey data taken ill in the community, are inaccurate. Sometimes because of outdated equipment, sometimes because of the fact that the clinics that they have acquired, saved money on staff training, and eventually the doctors just do not know how to use the new equipment. Sometimes , having received the correct data, they choose the wrong treatment. Reason Three: rates in Israeli hospitals favorably to prices in other countries. For example, coronary artery bypass grafting in Israel are doing three times cheaper, than in the U.S., exposure – four times cheaper than in Singapore. Most patients who opt for treatment abroad in Israel – from CIS countries. Before coming to Israel for treatment, they check all the possibilities: first, convinced of the impossibility of community treatment, and then compare prices and services in other countries. Reason Four – highest level of service, confirmed by reviews by patients. In Israel, all first experience in the former Soviet Union, every third member of the nursing staff spoke in Russian. They have to return to normal life of people who in other countries, was diagnosed with – 'cure', but because of all

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