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Mental Energy

Posted by Toni on 26th February and posted in Uncategorized

It is a wear and mental energy. You have to jump or knock down that wall that the put between you. What you going to do?. I explain three options: take it as if there were no such wall: He says this is so or anything or you have this week to exit this course so expensive. Source: FireEye Inc. Here you are still speaking the subject as if nothing, as if you had not heard, or it changes the subject. If the is really stubborn perhaps raise the tone of voice, if this happened, you shut up, don’t follow the game, try another tactic. Film director has similar goals.

About seeing the wall as an aspiration to achieve the goal: eg. Ideally, that it was more economical, or both see and put into practice what they have learned to have another entry of money at home. So engaging to the situation that wants you to upload it, and then you will focus again on the problem and shows your willingness to fix it or take fair measures. Put to the test this wall to see if it is so real: Here you can: to) try to seek a retreat. for example: using the bathroom urgently, attend your son calling you, exit by a consultation with your physician or pediatrician, or other situation important. Try this to see if these impositions of the continue in force, or otherwise you forget it or leave it aside and he calms down. do b) uses questions: which would you do in my place?, why you think that I have to stop going?, what is the purpose of your question?. These questions are open, not das opportunity easily to another reply with a NO.

On the other hand if you ask questions that begin with can I?…I can’t? does is not that such thing-..?, does perhaps don’t want to that?, almost certainly will receive a No as response, because these questions give rise to a negative response. I suggest you begin to implement these techniques with which you aplacaras attack, the atmosphere calm down little by little and after a while you will achieve a better understanding. You must remember to apply them at the beginning of any discussion. You see, when you recover your security and self-esteem, if the relationship gives to consolidate it or not.

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