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Mexican Migrants

Posted by Toni on 26th October and posted in Uncategorized

His sensitivity to suffering and injustice, came together with such contradictory circumstances that life put in his way, such as witnessing the economic wealth of Californians, on the one hand, and on the other, total misery. In Tijuana could see with own eyes, the anguish, chagrin, confusion, chaos, despair, fear and starvation that Mexican migrants have in their quest to cross the border in order to improve their economic situation, the couple witnessed the solidarity and compassionate action of compatriots with deep respect and tolerance by supporting immigrants, within its capabilities and it will be naturally integrated into the community in these circumstances, for him and his fellows, it was natural daily work, the struggle to succeed and to achieve a better future, the active aperture to change was another of its strong pillars in building the vision of reality Other experiences that greatly taxed his child's soul were the encounters with the so-called hippies, with whom he was sharing his need for a new vision of existence and that it could receive the repudiation of materialistic consumerism and the quest for economic development only rulers . These encounters left a pleasant aroma of happiness and freedom For the 11 years the problems of the Vietnam War led his family with him obviously, to settle in Guadalajara, change that initiates a new stage in her life and that far from ending their aspirations, reaffirm their spiritual quest at age 17, and in Guadalajara, the new spiritual period lived and existential questions, pressed reply and guidance, as well as other youth lived the indifference of the teachers about the urgent issues of student life. .

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