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Posted by Toni on 3rd November and posted in Uncategorized

Fair trade directly and without intermediaries since the beginning of its work in the year 2001 arbeteitet the campaign olive oil hand-in-hand with the gebana together. The gebana is responsible for the direct import and the organic certification of olive oil from Palestine. The history of gebana began in the 1970s with a group of dedicated women from Frauenfeld (Switzerland). Known as the banana women, they fought relentlessly for fairer working conditions of banana producers and more awareness among the European consumers and consumers. The gebana today supports small farmers in South America, North and West Africa and the Middle East in the development and marketing of sustainable products: in personal contact to concrete issues and jointly market-driven solutions. Thus, innovative products of high quality and mutual trust – the most important resource of fair trade are created.

The gebana is highly recommended by the WWF and the Swiss Foundation for consumer protection regularly with the highest score”award. Olive tree: A sign of peace for many The olive tree in the Middle East is thousands of years as a sign of prosperity, happiness and peace. Its leaves, fruit, and especially its oil played a historical role in the economy, medicine, art, as well as the many myths. It was sacred to the ancient Greeks, and also in many descriptions in the holy books of the Jews, Christians and Muslims, its religious significance can be read. Today, the branch of the olive tree as a peace symbol on the flag of the United Nations spans the whole world. Palestine is one of the mother countries of olive cultures in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Palestinians are proud of it. The fruits of the olive tree are Grundnahrungsmittel for many people and many family farms earn their livelihood until today with the oil production. All the more tragic is the fact that tens of thousands of part up to 100 year old olive trees were uprooted by the conflict in the Middle East. With the purchase of this olive oil consumers contribute to peace and to the livelihood of Palestinian farmers.

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