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Features such as tolerance to accept the conditions in which grew, discipline and obedience to obey orders in silence. Faithful employees capable of working in the same company until his retirement, very attached to their traditions and rituals. Moreover, they point out the Boomers generation (born between the 50s and 70s) as people who grew up in a socially stable environment and positive times. In a period when the world economy grew and generated jobs for the majority. It is a generation that was characterized by questioning the authority.

The Hippies movements emerged as a rejection of the cultural values of that era. They feel free and able to transform the world, they begin the first signs of working groups in schools. The woman begins to take a role more starring in various scenarios and a feature marked on this generation was his addiction to work. They lived to work the generation X (1971-1985) suffered the social changes that marked the Decade of the 60s. They grew up in households where the roles of the parents was accepted. While the Boomers generation (mine) arrived at the school and was mother to receive them and feed them, the kids of generation X were returning home and usually not located to either parent.

Many of them grew up in the company of an adult, probably a relative, nanny, or employee of the home. From the 1970s increased the number of dysfunctional families (separations and divorces), they begin to identify single mothers, professional mothers who worked throughout the day, Roma House. In summary this generation developed his personality without the guidance of adult models. GENERATION (1986-2005) Millennium is characterized for being one of the most protected and maintained by the family, is curious to see aspects such as helmet, safety belt use, seats carrier infants, drinking bottled water or the use of guards for sockets, have become elements essential today.

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