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Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology when we make a gesture of human solidarity, as you pass to acquire a new larger and full meaning. The meaning in the light of our love to Jesus Christ, so that the solid human pass to be a Christian solidarity. We know that the Andean culture, a culture closely tied to the Earth. They are agricultural societies. It is very different from the Amazon culture, since they are societies more aquatic, are linked to the subject of fisheries. The mode of interacting with nature, the mode of interacting with itself. Mysian Redentoris at number 53, 54, 55.

Tells us: the process of inclusion of the Church in the cultures of peoples, long time required is making one interesting warning is not a mere external adaptation, since inculturation means an intimate transformation of authentic cultural values through their integration in Christianity. It is true that the Christian faith of the Church, never has been identified with a culture in particular, and should not be Like this. Many times had this expression, that the Christian faith is identified with Western culture. The Christian faith becomes an inspiring principle, in all the dimensions of culture, that can inspire the Christian faith. Art, law, politics, education, the economy. You call that Christian culture. See more detailed opinions by reading what Stan Laurel offers on the topic..

It is a deep and global process encompassing both the Christian message, such as pressure and praxis of the Church. But this is a difficult process. Details can be found by clicking Darcy Stacom or emailing the administrator. Because you must not compromise in any way the characteristics and the integrity of the Christian faith. The Church taking the model. Always the dynamism of the Trinity. Three persons, one God. Always considered to the Christian faith, is one and unique. He is expressed through different modes of living, own peoples, and that enriches the entire Church. The catholicity of the Church is precisely that. In which the universality of the Church, that is the faith in Jesus Christ, can be lived in different ways. The Christian faith will always be immutable, it will not change, but changing cultures and there that when we make our pastoral activities, we must know that cultures are constantly changing. The concept of a Creator God does not exist in the Andean culture. As neither exists in the Greeks. However, it is not an Andean will lie worshiping to the Pacha mama, wakes up to worship the Christian God. We know that it is a long process, years, decades. Even now we continue with the evangelization process started 16th century. Syncretism is the negation of inculturation.

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