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Montserrat Varela

Posted by Toni on 5th January and posted in Uncategorized

According to the Narrative has wished for another story Laura and was slightly disappointed when she found out that there is no more. Since then there was a round of tinkering, during which the children could paint their own butterfly and decorate with colored crepe paper. The first sad face of Laura was suddenly as spirited away. People such as University of Cambridge would likely agree. At once she was no more listeners but could do with himself and wanted to create together with their MOM also a very colorful butterfly as well as Manchitas which has three colours: Azul (blue), rojo (red) and amarillo (yellow). The children have adorned their butterfly but also with many other colors.

“” “While Cristina Ribe and Montserrat Varela have always accompanied the craft in Spanish and the children for example the names of other colours such as Marron” (Brown), blanco “(white) or naranja” (orange) taught. Montserrat Varela declared: we see fairy tale as an opportunity to learn interculturally. That’s why we launched this free reading action in life, as a supplement to our Spanish courses for children. Once in a month my colleague Cristina Ribe and I read a story in Spanish and connect them with a DIY action or a game, with the theme that has to do. Everything in Spanish.” Cristina Ribe adds: our audience is so far mostly bilingual, but we want to reach kids, the still had no or little contact with the Spanish language. There is nothing better than to see the fascination with a story in the face of a child regardless of the language in which it is told.” The story of the butterfly of Manchitas comes from the book El tesoro de cuentos / the fairy treasure”by the Publishing House of Amiguitos. The bilingual picture book brings together 15 fairy tales and Fables from the rich folklore and fairy tales treasure of the hispano American cultural area.

In addition to Spanish heroic epics, the collection includes imaginative stories and fascinating Latin American myths. Amiguitos has edited contemporary stories and offers explanatory in addition to the two language versions Background information and about 100 illustrations by Tania Schvindt. The next free fairy hour will be on Saturday, October 23. A more exciting story is situated small and large audience.

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