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Mrs Miriam Wogh

Posted by Toni on 19th September and posted in Uncategorized

The emphasis of their statements which had mostly similar and complementary expressiveness, and mediated access to the mysteriosen background of knowledge has been on the enormous amount of work, the music teacher Mr Severin Geissler and Mr Joachim Schall to prepare such a concert venture. New students come every year, every year these newcomers must be enrolled only in their chosen instruments, each year must handled hundreds of classes and thousands concerns resolved. The skull explodes many at such colossal pressure. If you still considering, that school life should not lose in importance and certainly runs its course without damaging the important musical realm however, so the impossible in the management of the school is possible. This noble property and given stamina prove and shoulder. Among other things Mr Patrik Fischer, Mr. Lambrecht and Mr Helmut Wogh, as well as his daughter Mrs Miriam Wogh which can count people show that perseverance and given noble educational intentions on the CBG and for the CBG. “Repeatedly students encounter, to which group I me also can count, as the author of this comment on barriers, which the name teacher” bear.

My call to those who have followed the Olympus of the faculty, my request to those who have laid themselves to the reign of terror, which they are not aware, is my appeal to those critics who deny the sense of such events…… Go the Gallery license, back on the hard ground of reality, respect the performance of others, is also your question and answered your requests for help, entering the situation of their interlocutor, you think not only on their own well-being. Not to remain on the laurels of those who have organized a work for you. Have to organize courage, to plan and to realize your dreams, and the dreams of your students. Finally, you are our role model, it shows us how we us ‘ ren Schild and Lance to keep. Because in the end are our passion. Take an example. Who interest feels, in dance of the vampires”live with to be the grand finale already today (lost) in the Ebert Hall can attend Ludwigshafen. Donations are appreciated, because only amateur rights for the musical dance of the vampires”are present and the Carl-Bosch-gymnasium, even though it is already legendary for its concerts, have to pay like every other tenant for technology and premises.

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