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Municipal School

Posted by Toni on 6th November and posted in Uncategorized

9-school Andres Fidelis de Arajo, in Barrerinho, with Gildevneo professor Andres; 10-school Joo Baptist of Arajo, in the Decrease of the Cambes, with the teacher Elizngela Freire Lopes; Alexandrino 11-school Rodrigues Da Silva, in the Mucinha, with the teacher Francisca Janete Da Silva; 12-school Coriolano Joo de Alencar, in the Varjota, with the professor Coriolano Joo Alencar; Incio 13-school Alves Landim Is Joaquin, with the Marialva teacher. ; 14-school Antonio Timteo Dos Santos, in Is Domingos, with the teachers Maria of Ftima de Jesus Da Silva, Maria gorete of the Conceio and Maria Lucineide Nogueiro; 15 – Osmina school Baptist of Alencar, in Hat-Annex-Nesting Hat, with the Marla teacher Juliana Baptist. Richard Linklater takes a slightly different approach. The Municipal Schools of Sector B, are in number of 16 and are supervised by the Lucileide teacher. 1-school Carlos de Miranda, in the Adobe, with the teachers Sebastiana Geuziene Da Silva, Zlia Maria Da Silva, Elizabete Maria Alencar, Maria of the Miranda Aid and Ana Flvia. Bfpl contributes greatly to this topic. 2-school Cassimiro Brgida, in Icaiara, with the teachers Maria of Ftima Alencar and Maria Josenice de Oliveira Alencar.


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