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Municipal School

Posted by Toni on 12th July and posted in Uncategorized

Edson Silva I believe that never I will get used with acts of dullness and violence practised by said human beings e, saved deceit, some psychologists or psychiatrists say that almost all the people can commit some disactivate, depending on factors lived deeply in determined moments of its lives. It is technical the call not to know to work the emotions What to say on the slaughter occurred in the Municipal School of Royal, Rio De Janeiro? More than a set of ten of adolescents executed for the shots gone off for a young (former-pupil of the school) and now appears theories as the one that it suffered in the past humilhaes from colleagues, who if became fanatic of some said seita religious, that perhaps learned to be exmio shooter for the Internet, at last conjecturas to try itself to explain what, throughout sets of ten from thousand from years (at least is what it indicates the time that the man inhabits the Land), is inexplicable: the nature of the human brain. In the letter left for the assassin in mass (that after the crimes were committed suicide) it asks for that the received house as family inheritance is donated for some institution that takes care of of dogs and cats. The allegation is that, differently of the human beings, other animals do not have capacity of for proper ways getting the feeding. Not I am biologist, veterinarian or professional in branch of activity that it deals with other animals, that not it man, but I also believe that other beings livings creature (differently of the human being) have instincts, of survival, more accented. Coming back to the case of the slaughter in the Carioca school, now conjecturas appear on lack of security in educational establishments, teorizam on installation of cameras (subject that was controversial has little time, under allegation of privacy invasion); they speak that they had to place guards or policemen in the schools (I knew university that at least patrols of policemen in the campus allowed, I studied at time where Policy alone went to the campus to restrain estudantil manifestation); they lack some to ask for to pertaining to school transport tank as ' ' Caveiro of the BOPE' ' , pertaining to school uniform with vest to the test of bullet and that caps are changed by steel helmets. School is not (or it would not have to be) trench. If the shooter, using two simple guns, had invaded one quarter and made what it made in the school of the River, yes I believe there that it would fit to question imperfection of security or professional unpreparedness to face the situation. But the case was in a school, place that in my infancy and adolescence, while the country had rule of law, was pupil place to study, professor to give to lessons and Policy if to worry in policing (who knows) to arrest some thief of hens who acted in the immediacy wants convincing in them that the humanity is in evolution process Edson Silva, 49 years, journalist, deferred payment in Campinas and works in the City hall of Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@

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