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Musical Education

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Infantile literature 04/12/2010 SUMMARY Nowadays to speak of education is not very easy, why this word can be analizada of some forms and to have some meanings; he can be the education of the parents, pertaining to school education, at last is necessary to educate for the diversity, therefore we live in such a way at a time of globalization of the economy how much of the technologies and information that come being modified constantly, however we educators must make with that the people see the education of a necessary and necessary form, not importing the age. In the present work we will make a boarding on as Pablo freire understood the Brazilian reality as educator in the educational quarrel, that is basic we educators to pass to educating that in the world of today the education it exerts in the society, the all the cultural, social and ethnic differences, the child since small must be acquired knowledge to coexist in a democratic society, valuing and respecting the information that we acquire of agreement with the development on the part of the school and our educators, who will have to adjust themselves in this new reality. Word-key: To learn. To teach. Education. 1 INTRODUCTION Pablo Freire was one of the main thinkers of the education.

Freire was known in the whole world as an educator, was it who created the method to acquire knowledge and to alfabetizar at the same time. Let us say despite she is necessary per some years that exist equal people or until better that Freire. Pablo, already since of that time thought about most important, that was education for all. He would have to be for government one of its bigger concerns. Which would be? The education, alfabetizao and also without a doubt the awareness of the people for the world of today, for this, we must remember more on it in elapsing of the work. .


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