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National Police General Jorge Poveda Zuniga

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LOCATION: Headquarters of the GIR, Quito. TIME: 08:30 hours. SUBJECT: Evaluation Method on the Implementation of the Canine Unit Chest and Rescue Bomb GIR. 1) Background – Official invitation by our unit to Mr.

Jaime Parejo Garcia, conducted four Chest Method diploma courses in our country. – Request made by the Commander General of the National Police General Jorge Poveda Zuniga, to the Ministry of Interior and Police in 2004, in order to formalize the Arcon Method in our country to ensure a common language, and maximum efficiency the development of real rescue work in case of a disaster. – Ministerial agreement by which in 2004 became official Chest Method in Ecuador as the government official system for the preparation, implementation and involvement of canine teams in the event of a disaster.

2) Acquisition of knowledge in our country have received a total of four officers and international courses Chest Method, they have counted on the participation of students from Ecuador and abroad from a total of 13 countries in Latin America and Spain officers belonging to different groups of Fire, Police, Military … 3) Findings and Check – In recent years it has been shown by the participation of canine teams from various countries attending the official courses received in our country, the effectiveness and efficiency in locating people buried by certified canine specimens with this method . – It has been clearly noted increased levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration of the dogs, not just in areas of rescue but in all areas in which our institution using dogs for police work.


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