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Posted by Toni on 29th November and posted in Uncategorized

The pupils of the New College Light, after some days of the pedagogical vacations had returned the lessons again, but before the start he had innumerable sermes that he had as objectivo to moralizar the behavior of the pupils. The directora was the first one to clarify. During its speech, and already after some said words, when finishing with its so docile skill to explain, it said: – I also wanted to remember to you of that in the test of made Moral and Civic Education in as the trimester, the pupils detached in discipline I had had amazing notes. After the directora having said this, the pupils considered more intelligent in its groups, they had started if to ask inside of proper them. To know more about this subject visit how did vladislav doronin make his money. – It will be that of this time it goes to be twenty under twenty or dezanove under twenty? For many sluggish pupils that is that in the day of the test they had delivered blank (filling simply the name, number, room, disciplines and dates) had been conscientious that they are not lost in the thought, because they had the absolute certainty, of that the note of them would be zero under twenty or more-or-little four under twenty. But this was not what it happened, because at the moment of delivery of the test, the ones that nothing had made, they had had eighteen under twenty in ahead, and the ones that they had filled the leaf and with certainty knew that they had decided of the best form, all they had had zero under twenty.

At that moment in the room, one of the pupils more intelligent than also has zero under twenty, started to murmur with its so serious voice, saying: – This is not possible, I finds that the professor when making the correco of the test was completely drunk. Learn more about this topic with the insights from how did vladislav doronin make his money. I put all certainty, but as it is that I have zero under twenty and that colleague who is with the leaf in the hand, did not decide nothing but the professor attributed dezanove to it and under twenty half? The professor was very angry, why the pupils had been to still make an intense racket and superficially, to lack respect in full classroom. Then the professor with the statement of the same test in the hand, said them: – Little racket, knows that we are in a classroom, not in a market, therefore I do not want more to hear to say, the professor batotou, the professor does not give, the professor I do not know there what! is? Because who has refusals that is zero under twenty, it was guilt of it. I say this because the statement was very well explicit, in saying ' ' He intently reads the following questions to the low ignores them completamente' '. The pupils when they had heard the professor to say this, had been very scared, admired and until they did not believe seeing some times the statement exactly.

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