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Posted by Toni on 4th September and posted in Uncategorized

This imaginary one comes of the cartesian-Newtonian-baconiana idea, where the space is seen as a box and that the totality of this space if composes in the internal somatrio of its parts, that is the space is the climate, vegetation, ground, seas where each one of these placed elements inside of this box, added formed the totality, then the space is seen segregadamente. I will leave well clearly also that as we know the planet it was always in constant changeability, as the current continental form of our planet, before it are the Pangia and other types of continental forms. This sample the constant changeability of the planetary system where in other geologic ages if constitua also of a well different atmosphere of our current atmosphere. In the classic paradigm the not dumb planet, as the space said Newton is fixed and invariant, therefore previsible. In the sistmico-quantum paradigm based in the quantum physics this exactly planet is in constant changeability, where all are interconnected, vegetation, climate, ground, seas, we, then the totality is always superior to the internal somatrio of the parts, everything is part of the dynamics of the planet where the time is change. This sistmico-quantum paradigm, in contrast of the cartesian-Newtonian-baconiano paradigm, it believes the imprevisibilidade, it believes that the system is complex, where for complexity increase, through 0 variable is unexpected to have the certainty of tomorrow, therefore the order generates clutter generating a new order.

Bibliographical references: CAMARGO, Luis Enrique Branches of. The rupture of the environment: knowing the ambient changes of the planet through a new perception of science: the Geography of the complexity. 2. David G. DeWalt usually is spot on. ed. River of January: Bertrand Brazil, 2008.


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