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Posted by Toni on 22nd August and posted in Uncategorized

Then your case will provide content that will keep them interested. Sell” your tape is not put your proposal in the end. Some people think that you can entice subscribers to the bottom of the page. What they do not realize is that most readers will lose interest before the end of the article or news, and then ignore everything that goes on. Dissemination of information in the network has accustomed readers to ignore all but the direct information they are looking for. So you need to sell your RSS feed as soon as possible.

Attract their attention and Use visual Kartika, to promote her. Sell your RSS feed with all seriousness and sales skills that you would have used in other cases. Catch people’s attention using the correct colors and visual stimulation for vytselivaniya audience. Your hard work is not needed, if people see the complexity of the subscribed and will not be. Think of a traditional advertising Use whatever you have. If you want something to sell hard enough, you put on the full. Think about using techniques as in other campaigns. For example, there are no rules that say you can not use Adsense for RSS feeds.

What worked in other areas, will work now. Try to podcasts. Try to video posts. Use the tools to promote your RSS feed. Unite, Unite, Unite! Join the forum. Make it so that you heard. As long as you do, make sure your site has links to the RSS feed.

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