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When they were tired of studying, he began kissing her mouth and ended up in bed. Were submitted to tests for university entrance in the first year it opened. Adopted without effort, but not very high notes. John called his brother every time I had any news of Alex. Cleve and Kelly were very happy. For some time all the news they received from her son were fine. That distance was less sad. After testing decided to go visit his uncle John to Barcelona.

There had been informed about everything related to their study, and collected much material, that his uncle had given them. John was happy to see her nephew and his girlfriend so excited. Someone wanted to study the same as it was passionate, and always made him happy that his son had never liked the idea of studying this race. He promised all the help we could provide. He spoke with many of his acquaintances to obtain a scholarship to one of the two. "I could not get two grants," he said, but rather provide them economy. Alex and Mabel were grateful and happy and put all their enthusiasm to let you know John.

Alex had not had many opportunities to meet his uncle. Only when they went on holiday to visit, or when on the contrary, elvenia a visit to England. I had always thought that his uncle did not care much for your family. That was considered superior to his brother, being a professional. Today he realized how wrong I had been.


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