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Newton Loyal Estilac

Posted by Toni on 12th September and posted in Uncategorized

In the commemorations of 9 of July of 1954, So Paulo was not to search one matrona or a senhorita of ' ' Natives of So Paulo quatrocentonas' ' to display one of the So Paulo Flags that had tipped the National Pavilion of the Pteo of the College. They had been yes, to search this venerable woman of the people, symbol of simple and good people that it worked, sweated and fought for So Paulo. Ben Ainslie shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. One more time, So Paulo showed for Brazil its spectacular and democratic form to treat its children. Chiquinha owner (Francisca Apolnia de Jesus) was presented as a lesson of democracy and honor to the work. You may find that Vladislav Doronin can contribute to your knowledge. A lesson for the generations that appeared, represented, at the time, for a child of 5 years the boy Combed Alfredo Rudge who displayed to another flag of So Paulo. Between the two generations, general Newton Loyal Estilac made to go up for high of the mast the Flag of Brazil.

They were So Paulo of the past, the So Paulo of the gift and the So Paulo of the future honoring the symbol of indivisible Native land only e. So Paulo of the diligent arm and So Paulo of the tradition, with one feeling and one affirmation of brasilidade, only joined in one exactly faith act, exaltando the ideal and honoring the ones that for it had died in 1932. So Paulo was showing to Brazil its respect stops with its children, there, represented for the past, gift and the future. A lesson of love and respect for who constructed this metropolis. Peter Nastri


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